Remedial massage is among the most respected of the complementary therapies and has long been used in the world of sport.

This therapy is the skilled treatment of muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments by massage. It is often used as a preventative measure against injury during training and competition to ensure the muscles are kept well balanced, smooth and relaxed when resting but toned and strong in action. Remedial massage is a great reliever of the stiffness and soreness often incurred during training, and should an injury occur, after the initial first aid treatment it should be your first stop to help the damaged tissue to heal correctly with the minimum of scarring, adhesions and loss of motion.

There are so many conditions that can be helped with remedial massage, including:


Repetitive strain injury

Low back Pain

Tennis and golfers elbow




Massage isn’t just for sports training or injuries, the treatment is tailored to your specific needs and provides the perfect environment for just taking time out and allowing your body and mind to completely relax. It is such a treat that once you have tried it you will want to make it a regular part of your health care routine. The health benefits are many:


Deep relaxation

Increased energy

Improved circulation

Improved flexibility

Calming to the nervous system…

…or the ultimate luxury after a hard day.



Indian Head Massage was originally developed as a family tradition and practised for over a thousand years. Today it is a greatly valued treatment to relieve stress and tension around the head, neck and shoulders.